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It is with the living room that we most often associate the design of the ceiling with the help of beams. A spacious room for family gatherings or receiving guests is a room that more than others needs to create not only a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but also originality, because it is the hallmark of a home or apartment. If the use of ceiling beams in the interiors of living rooms of private houses of urban or suburban type no longer surprises our compatriots, then deciding to use this element of the interior in apartments still causes some bewilderment. Meanwhile, the use of natural material or its spectacular imitation within the living room of city apartments brings that natural warmth that is so lacking in a noisy and gas-polluted metropolis.

One of the options for decorating the ceiling in the living room of a private house is to use wood as a material for facing panels and decorating the surface with beams. In addition to the fact that the wooden ceiling brings natural warmth to the character of the interior, it can serve as a screen for the placement of engineering systems - ventilation and electrical wiring. Lamps can be built under wooden ceiling panels or lining, and chandeliers can be hung from the beams.

Another way to decorate the ceiling in the living room of a private house is the bleached surfaces of boards and beams. For small rooms and rooms with sufficiently low ceilings, it is better not to use a dark color for decorating the ceiling, so as not to create a visual effect of pressure hanging over your head.

You can also use a contrasting combination of light ceiling finishes and the use of dark wood (or its spectacular imitation) for the execution of decorative beams. The color of the beams can be repeated in the design of windows or doors, some elements of furniture or flooring, with this approach, the interior will look harmonious and complete.

The presence of rusticity in the modern interior of the living room will not only create an original appearance of the room, but it will also raise the degree of originality of the whole house to an incredibly high level. Against the backdrop of the modern decor of the spacious living room, rough-hewn logs or blocks of wood look contrasting, despite the use of a neutral color palette. Usually, the rustic design of the ceiling beams is "supported" by the appropriate design of the fireplace area - the space around the hearth is faced with large stones, as if they had not been processed.

Ceiling beams made from the same wood species as the main living room furnishings will look great and complement the harmonious design of the room. Often, ceiling beams and entire ensembles of storage systems create an original and at the same time organic alliance.

An example of introducing an element of constructivism in the design of a living room located in a private house.

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