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It is not just difficult, but almost impossible to meet ceiling beams in the design of a bathroom in a Russian apartment. Especially when it comes to apartment buildings built in the last century, where there are few square meters and the ceilings are low. But in the modern private houses of our compatriots, considerable areas are allocated for utilitarian premises, and the height of the ceilings is enviable. In such spaces, you can not limit yourself in the choice of style and motives for its manifestation.

Many homeowners feel that wood has no place in the bathroom due to its poor water repellency. But there are two ways to solve this problem - first of all, you can use various antiseptic sprays that treat the entire surface of the beams and special varnishes that protect the elements of the ceiling decor from moisture, you can also use a polyurethane analogue of wood, which normally tolerates high room humidity. But these methods of introducing rural motives into the interior of the bathroom are possible only if there is forced ventilation in the room.

Hollow ceiling beams in bathrooms can be used to embed lighting systems. Thus, you can not only transform the appearance of a utilitarian room, but also create a safer environment by isolating electrical appliances from moisture.

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