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The use of ceiling beams to decorate the ceiling in the bedroom is a design technique that is not common in our country. But in European design projects, such a constructive and decorative solution can be found quite often. If the height of the ceiling in the sleeping and resting room allows you to use decorating in the form of beams, you should not miss this opportunity. Depending on the material and color of your beams, they are able to bring structure, dynamism or the spirit of natural warmth and comfort to the character of the bedroom interior.

For a bedroom located in the attic, a wooden ceiling with ceilings and beams is a completely logical design option, because all these interior elements are design features and act not as decor, but as load-bearing products that support the building frame. In such spaces, it makes no sense to hide a large bevel of the ceiling behind plasterboard screens, because this is how most of the height of the room is hidden and it loses not only square meters, but also the feeling of spaciousness and freedom.

Ceiling beams in the bedroom can be solved in the same color as the ceiling surface, or act as a contrasting element. The beams look organically, repeating in color the natural pattern of the floor covering or pieces of furniture - beds, for exampleR.

Snow-white ceiling beams are suitable for the interior of almost any stylistic direction. Even a room with low ceilings will look light and airy, the white tone in the ceiling finish does not make the bedroom look heavy, even if large ceiling beams are used.

In a house built of timber, it is quite logical to see ceiling beams in the form of logs in the bedroom. Closeness to nature, some rustic atmosphere and natural color palette will certainly favorably affect the atmosphere of the room for sleeping and relaxing. In such an environment, you can relax and get ready for a sound and deep sleep.

Examples of rural-style bedrooms with the active use of wood as a finishing material.

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