Hallways and other ancillary spaces

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If the space of a private house is decorated with ceiling beams, then it would be logical to use this design element not only in the main rooms, such as the living room or bedroom, but also to decorate auxiliary rooms - hallways, laundries, wine cellars and even corridors.

Examples of the use of ceiling beams when decorating the space of an office or library.

It is difficult to imagine the design of a bath or a home sauna without the use of natural wood, and hence the use of such a constructive and decorative element of the interior as floor beams. As a rule, steam rooms are very modest rooms that simply do not need high ceilings and the use of beams directly in rooms with a maximum temperature is impractical. But the design of the so-called "dressing rooms" and rest rooms in front of steam rooms is excellent for the use of ceiling beams.

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